Feel Stuck?

feeling stuck titleDo you feel stuck at your current job or role? Do you feel like you are the same leader from last year? Or you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling?

You may feel stuck because you are not learning. Leaders are learners. Leaders need to be listening and learning to grow and develop. Leaders need to listen to fresh ideas and hear best practices. If not then we’ll just do the same the way with the same results.

What can you do? A conference or retreat may provide that short term motivation. But it won’t last and will be expensive. Here are some affordable and helpful ways to help you get unstuck.

  1. Read a Book. Books are the best way to get mentored by the best leaders. The best part is that you don’t have to leave your home. You can get inspired and practice what you learn.

  2. Listen to a Podcast. Podcasts are the new radios for your car. It’s even better because there are no commercials. I love listening to a variety of podcasts on my drive to work. It’s a great time saver too.

  3. Get Mentored/ Coached.  When was the last time you met with a mentor or coach? They are the the best way to get perspective on your situation so that you can grow faster.

  4. Take a Day off to Dream and Think. You may feel stuck because you have been down in the trenches of the busy work of getting through the week. If so, you need a day off from the busyness so that you can dream. You can dream about what could be and how to change things rather than focusing on the details of the everyday.

  5. Visit a Different Church or organization. Change your scenery for a day. Visit another church or organization to see what they are doing or what’s working for them. This may give you thoughts and ideas on what you can do or change.


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