What is the Church?

whatischurchWhat is Church?

This is a common question both for those inside and outside the church. There are so many misconceptions as to what the church should be and what the church is. The church can be very messy since it’s filled with broken people, but through Jesus, we see a beauty in the mess. This four part sermon series helps us to be the church that God designed. Unfortunately, the first message was not recorded so there is only three recorded.



Authenticity in the Church: Part I

The church is not a place for perfect people but for broken people. This message explores the need for authenticity and vulnerability! Unfortunately this message is not recorded.

Church as a Family: Part II

There is so much disunity in the church and that is not God’s heart. Church is a deep bond like a family! This message will explore unity and this bond!

Church as Friendships: Part III

We all have friends that we love and hang out with. It’s important to understand that friendship is an important element of friendships and liking people in our churches.

Common Church Enemy: Part IV

This is a topic that most people want to disregard or ignore, but it’s an important issue that all believers need to know. We have a common enemy and it’s not in the church.


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