Sex Sermon Series

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Godly Sex Series

Sex is a topic that our youth is bombarded with through culture and media and there is a dramatic difference between God’s view of sex and the world’s view of sex. This five part sermon series helps to unpack God’s purpose and intention for sex. I’ll first examine a theological view of sex and then share more practically about different issues regarding porn/ masturbation, body image, and physical boundaries. This series will help you have a biblical view of sex and honor God with your bodies!



Godly Sex Part I

This message gives a theological background of sex through Genesis 4:1. I’ll explain the word “Yada” to help us appreciate the richness and beauty of godly sex versus the world’s distortion of sex.

Godly Sex Part II

This second message breaks the myth that sex is gross and gives a practical picture of what godly sex looks like.

Godly Sex Part III

This message will help to break the world’s view that masturbation and porn is not a problem. I’ll then give eight reasons why we need to stop and offer some practical tips to stop.

Godly Sex Part IV

Unfortunately this sermon was not recorded.

 Godly Sex Part V

The last message in this series address the question that every teen has: how far is too far? I’ll explore why we need to hold the line and offer practical tips on practicing self-control.