Podcast Episode 04: Are you a church planter or campus pastor? (Lamont Hartman)

Lamont HartmanAre you a church planter or campus pastor?

Lamont Hartman, Senior Pastor of a church plant in Santa Ana called Emmaus Church, has been in both worlds as a church planter and campus pastor. Listen to his unique journey of being the lead pastor of a mega church campus as well as a church planter of that same campus. Find out if you should plant a church or be a campus pastor through Lamont’s story.






3 Take Aways

  1. One closed doors means another open door. Things in life don’t always work out the way you plan. The same truth applies to churches. We all have hopes and dreams for our churches but life happens and a lot of those dreams don’t actually come to reality or don’t last very long. However, as one door closes, God opens another door. With God in charge, his ways don’t always make sense but we have to trust that God is taking care of his church because it is His church. He will open up the doors as he also closes the door. Lets not hold onto our dreams for the church but trust in God’s plan for His church.

  2. Spiritual weight of leadership is big. Don’t be so quick to want to be the #1 guy in leadership especially in a church. With more spiritual leadership comes more spiritual attacks. There is a heaviness and a weight that leaders go through especially as they gain more influence and recognition. It’s important to understand that and prepare for that spiritual weight through prayer, support and accountability from friends and family. Spiritual disciplines and commitment to the spiritual basics are crucial in dealing with this spiritual weight.

  3. Self-awareness and emotional health are crucial to high level leadership. Not only does higher level leadership require spiritual strength but also emotional health. How emotionally healthy and stable are you? Are you aware of yourself and your emotions? Are you emotionally prepared for the critics, blamers and emotionally unhealthy people in and outside your church? You will get tested and it’s important to really be prepared or else you will burn out and hurt your family and church family. The stakes are very high so make sure you’re emotionally prepared!


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