Podcast 01: Kevin Nguyen and How to Successfully Transition into Leadership

kevin nguyen picHow to transition into a new church as the leader and pastor and grow it? 

Kevin Nguyen came to Saddleback Irvine three years ago as the Campus Pastor and took the campus to the next level. Listen to his journey and how he made the transition. Also, he’ll share how to find talented people and the cultural differences between Asian American and Anglo American.




3 Take Aways

  1. Listen your first year. As leaders coming into a ministry, we want to make big changes and let people know why you hired us. But that can be the worst mistake. The first and best thing to do is to listen. Listen to the members. Listen to the leaders and staff. During this time, you can also affirm and thank key volunteers and leaders. This establishes trust and credibility as a leader so that people will listen and follow your leadership when you do make changes.

  2. Find key influencers. A great question to find who are key influencers and leaders is, “Who’s your top five people that you trust and depend on?” Write a list and find the common names. Those names that get repeated are your leaders and influencers. Get to know them and build a relationship with them.

  3. Open handed leadership. A leader who holds onto his staff tightly and does not allow their staff to develop into their next calling will ultimately lose their best leaders. Great bosses care about developing their staff and supporting their next steps. This open handed leadership actually attracts great leaders to work for that organization.



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