Here are some recent messages that I’ve had the honor to share.

future-of-churchWhat does the future of the church look like in America? Are you concerned or excited? We will see what Jesus 2000 years ago to make the church explode in a pagan and complex world. We’ll learn two things so that we can bring hope for the church today.



XP3_AllIn_InstagramPicWhat would it look like if we went all in with our faith? What if we were able to live passionately and fully for God by serving others? We’ll explore the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10 to see how we can go ALL IN.





obsessedWe live in a culture that is obsessed with comparing what we don’t have with what others have. This message will look at the wisdom of King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 4:4-8 to offer hope on how we can counter this obsession!



epicThe Bible is filled with amazing stories of heroes and zeros! This series will look at the lives of Rahab and Jacob! We’ll see their tremendous faith and identity in their EPIC lives!



sex new iconSex is a topic that our youth is bombarded with through culture and media and there is a dramatic difference between God’s view of sex and the world’s view of sex. This five part sermon series helps to unpack God’s purpose and intention for sex. I’ll first examine a theological view of sex and then share more practically about different issues regarding porn/ masturbation, body image, and physical boundaries. This series will help you have a biblical view of sex and honor God with your bodies!



whatischurchThis is a common question both for those inside and outside the church. There are so many misconceptions as to what the church should be and what the church is. The church can be very messy since it’s filled with broken people, but through Jesus, we see a beauty in the mess. This four part sermon series helps us to be the church that God designed. Unfortunately, the first message was not recorded so there is only three recorded.



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