How to Succeed in the First 90 Days

succeed title“What will you do in the first 90 days on the job as a pastor?”


Many times we go into a new church and feel the need to make big changes. We have big plans, a grand vision and a revolutionary way of doing ministry. We want the church to feel our leadership presence and to feel confident in our hiring. But this could be the worst mistake you make in your first 90 days. I’m all for vision, changes and plans. But in order for you to succeed in those 90 days, the focus needs to start with people. The goal needs to be on relationships. People generally don’t like changes so here are some ways to help you start off on the right foot.

  1. Meet and greet. Meet anyone and everyone in your first month.  Listen to their story and experiences at the church. You also need to ask them this one question, “Who are 3-5 people that you respect or look up to in the church.” Those are people you need to meet.

  2. Eat with all key leaders, volunteers, and staff.  Once you have identified the key influencers, eat with each of them. A meal slows everything down and gives you more time to build a relationship. Ask about their story and their spiritual journey. You’ll also ask about the church and their experience. This is all to gather information and data to confirm the vision and plan that God is giving you for the ministry.

  3. Gather the key leaders together. It’s your time to cast  vision and direction for the church and ministry. The leaders will be more open to your plans since you’ve built a personal relationship with them. Invite leaders to speak into your vision to gain more collaboration and support.

Relationships take more time and energy. It’s easier to tell a person about your vision rather than to love the person. But if you do build the relationship, those key leaders are more likely to follow and fight for your vision in the long run.


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