How to Find Your Purpose (Sweet Spot)?

sweet spotWhack! The sound of the sweet spot. That’s how my friend who was helping me with my golf swing, described the beautiful sound you hear when you hit the golf ball perfectly. When your swings force comes down at the right angle with the perfect momentum and everything is aligned – it creates a deeply satisfying “whack” as the ball goes flying straight towards the goal.

What about in life? When you’re thinking about your particular purpose in life – what is your sweet spot? And how do you find it?

This is something that my church talks as part of its Rooted Curriculum – a ten-week journey with a small group designed to engage you with provoking, life-changing conversations that will help you find your purpose in life and deepen your connection to God.

PURPOSE SWEET SPOTAs part of Rooted, we are challenged to think about three areas of our lives: our gifts, our passions, and our life experiences. The intersection of these three areas is where we can find our sweet spot. Finding that spot allows us to be more confident of our authentic self, calling in life, and make a positive impact on those around us. When we find the “job” that fits this sweet spot, we are able to make the biggest contributions and feel satisfied in the process, because it’s where our greatest joy merges with our ability to make a positive impact in the world.

Of course, finding our sweet spot is not a one-time event but an on-going process, especially as we go through different seasons in life. Regardless of where you’re at, here are some questions that you can ask yourself to help you discover your sweet spot and purpose in life.

1. Gifting: What am I good at? 

What tasks are easy and come naturally for me to accomplish? What are some strengths that more than one person has affirmed about me throughout my life? (If you can’t think of any, don’t be afraid to ask/interview those closest to you for their assessment!)

2. Passion: What do I love to do?

What are things that I enjoy thinking or talking about that’s engaging, stimulating and life-giving for me? What things or topics make me feel called to action or inspired to do something? (They don’t need to be grandiose things! For me, one of my passions would be my championship team Spurs!)

3. Story: What life-experiences have I gone through that shape who I am?

What are the stories of my life that have impacted my personality, identity, and values? Where do I see God’s fingerprints in my past and current experiences that may be shaping the next phase of my life story?

I encourage you to regularly reflect on these questions and be purposeful about finding your sweet spot. I believe this is the space where we are both the most satisfied and God is glorified.






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