Episode06: Eugene Cho on multi-ethnic church, social justice and family

eugenecho2What does Eugene Cho think about multi-ethnic church, social justice and family?

Eugene Cho, pastor, author and social entrepreneur, shares his journey of planting a multi-ethnic church in Seattle. He also gives insights about his new book, Overrated, to help people understand the importance of social justice and generosity. Eugene also shares how he balances his family life with work and business life. Eugene gets very real and unplugged about some of his issues and struggles. Listen and be encouraged.






3 Take Aways

  1. Multi-ethnic church. We need to live it out. It’s not enough to have the desire and intention to create a multi-ethnic. It’s not even enough to hire a person that looks different from the church community. It needs to be lived out by the pastors and leaders Monday through Saturday at the home. When was the last time we had dinner with someone from a different ethnic background? We need to love and embrace people in our community so that we can truly be a multi-ethnic church.

  2. God wants to change us. We like the idea of changing the world but we don’t actually want to do the work. There is a cost to making change happen and if we are honest with ourselves, we don’t want to actually do the work. Our intentions are good because we want to make a difference in the world and impact people. We want to move mountains but perhaps the greatest outcome is that God wants to change us. It’s like going on a mission trip where we are supposed to serve others but we always come back more blessed. When we step out in faith, God changes us to trust in Him and to see Him do something far more than we could have ever imagined. When we come to that realization, I think we will have more freedom to make a difference.

  3. Fight for family. Spending time with the family, taking Sabbaths and family vacations are sadly sometimes luxuries for pastors. We aren’t given much time off to spend with family. It’s easy to let the church culture to dictate our family culture. However, pastors need to fight for time with their families in the church. Leaders need to make family a priority and have conversations with church leaders, elders and congregations for that personal time and family time. If the church does not value the health of the pastor’s family then the pastor needs to fight for it.  It’s important that the pastor and leaders teach the church and show the church how to take vacation and rest. God rested on the 7th day and pastors need to rest and make family one of the highest priority. It’s a worthy fight!

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