Episode 15: How to do Men’s Ministry Strategically? (Tom Kang)

Tom KAngHow to do Men’s Ministry Strategically?

Tom Kang, Men’s Pastor at Saddleback Church, shares the vision and strategy of doing Men’s Ministry at Saddleback Church. He presents a different paradigm of doing men’s ministry. Listen and learn how you can think differently and more strategically in developing the growth and maturity of the men at your church. Tom also gives some good wisdom for both men and women.






3 Take Aways

  1. Purpose Driven Men’s Ministry. Men’s ministry can’t be seen just as an event. The win can’t be the number of attendance at those events. There needs to be a more purposeful and holistic strategy for men’s ministry. It needs to help men live out their God given passion and and fulfill the five purposes that God has for men. If we don’t do that then we’re missing out on the bigger picture of helping men develop and grow the way that God wants. Pastors and leaders need to ensure that their men’s ministry is going in that direction.

  2. 1.2 Million. That’s how many men live in Orange County. That’s a huge number and I’m guessing a majority of them don’t know Christ. It’s so important that the church is attractive and inviting for these men to feel welcomed at church and also empowered to lead the church. If we can do that, then those men will lead other men and their families to Jesus. The stakes are high so it’s important for churches to be strategic in reaching men.

  3. Identity. No matter what kind status, money and physique that you have, all men struggle with their identity and need to find their manhood in Christ. It’s so simple and we know this truth if you have gone to church, but to actually live it out is incredibly challenging. There are so many things in the world that are tearing us away from true biblical manhood. So if a man can find their identity in Christ than the impact and influence that they have will be eternal.

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