Episode 13: How to Reach College Students? (Andy Kim)

andy kimHow do you reach college students?

Andy Kim, Intervarsity Staff and worship leader, shares his learnings while doing ministry at the IV chapter at Northwestern University for seven years. Andy currently helps and assists over the IV chapters in 600 colleges and universities. His heart is helping college students become more aware of how culture and Christ intermix. Listen to the challenges that he’s experiencing on the college campuses as well as ways that IV is reaching and engaging diverse groups of students through various strategies.






3 Take Aways

  1. Music matters. If you want to know what ministry values, then listen to the type and style of worship or music. Your music and style of worship communicates to your college campus who you are and what you believe. If you play only Hillsong or Bethel Music than that attracts a certain type of audience. If you have more variety and diverse styles and songs, than that also shows that you are open to diversity and differences. It’s important to know your vision and values and to have your music be in line with that. Your music and worship matters so make sure it fits with the goal and direction of your ministry.

  2. Feedback is Key. You need to always debrief and give feedback on events that you do. It’s so crucial because you can’t change what you don’t know. You also only have your limited perspective of that event or night. It’s valuable to get other people’s feedback so that you can have a broader spectrum of realities. This can really help you on your next event and make the appropriate changes to be more effective and successful. Take the time to evaluate and give your events some proper feedback.

  3. Take proactive steps of diversity. Diversity doesn’t just happen on it’s own. No one sits there thinking that their ministry will become diverse and then it happens. It takes intentional planning and organization. It requires change and sacrifice because it isn’t always comfortable and easy. If ministries want to be more diverse than it’s important to proactively make the necessary changes whether that pertains to staff, events, music or volunteers. The world is become more and more diverse, so it’s important for ministries to not wait for that diversity to come to them but to embrace it now.

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  1. Thank you for this podcast. I learned a lot from your insights. I agree that church, not just in college ministry (parachurch or church), needs to do more feedback. This will help in growth for the pastor, the church, and for the congregation. I think it is a very helpful exercise to practice as we want to improve. This was very helpful.

    Once again, thank you for your insights and discussion.

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