Episode 12: Pastor vs. Professor: Insights to Help You Decide (Ben Shin)

Ben-Shin-1-WebPastor vs. Professor? Insights on how to make that decision

Ben Shin, Professor at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University, has lived in both worlds as a pastor and a professor. Listen to Ben share his call and journey into ministry as well as how God nudged him into the academia. He gives great insight and wisdom on how to determine what will be a better fit: a pastor or a professor. Be encouraged by these gold nuggets as you try to discern your passion, gifting and God’s call.







3 Take Aways

  1. Need results. Regardless of where you are at, church or in the seminary world, you need to produce results. In the church world, there is pressure to grow a church numerically. In the academic world, there’s pressure to write journals or articles. There is this sense that hard work and the need to achieve is seen in both worlds. They are different kinds of results but it’s important to know that there is a sense of achieving, accomplishment and getting results that is in both worlds. Don’t get fooled into thinking that you this is an important element in these roles.

  2. Need the heart of a pastor. It doesn’t matter if you are in academia or in the church world, you need to have the heart of a pastor. That means you need to love people and have a heart to pastor in order to connect with people. This applies to the classroom too. Professors need to pastor their students and guide them relationally as well as intellectually. Professors will be more effective when they pastor and care for their students mind and heart.

  3. Listen to God’s call. It’s important to discern your own heart and ambitions versus what God may be leading and calling you too. Sometimes our own ambitions can cloud our ability to minister effectively and appropriately. Listen to God’s voice and be self aware to know when your ambitions are hindering God’s will and call in your life. Find trusted people to help you on this journey.

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