Episode 09: How to navigate challenges in interracial marriage? (Kelly and Michelle)

Napa-Michelle-Kim-Kelly-Dlux-6-featured-1024x683How can you thrive in an interracial marriage?

Kelly Dlux (the DJ Pastor) and Michelle Kim (actress and photographer), share their difficult journey of dating and getting married twice together. Listen to them openly talk about their struggle and conflict with their family and how they navigated that tension. You will be inspired and encouraged by their faith that is rooted in Christ.





3 Take Aways

  1. Don’t let FEAR win. Fear is probably one of the biggest reasons why people don’t move forward and do things and this applies in relationships. We let the fear of the future, fear of commitment, fear or conflict or pain to deter something that could be so beautiful. It’s important to listen to our fears to understand ourselves better, but we shouldn’t ever let our fears determine our future. I would strongly encourage people to talk through those fears and take baby steps of not letting those fears control you. We can’t live in fear or else we aren’t really living.

  2. Love is a choice and it’s HARD. Our culture loves to romanticize love and show how it’s so easy. It’s based on feelings and feelings are never a good indication for the strength of a relationship. Love and relationships are great and fun but they are always incredibly difficult. There will be so many moments when you don’t feel like you’re in love or want to love. But love is a choice. We need to choose love especially with our significant others. This is incredibly difficult when things are hard and tough but when we do it, it’s equally liberating and makes your relationship even stronger.

  3. There’s always hope! It doesn’t matter how bad things are in a relationship even if family’s don’t approve or don’t support you. There’s always hope that the hearts of your family can change. There’s always hope that their hearts will soften and that there can be healing and reconciliation. If we lose hope than there won’t be any changes.

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