Episode 08: How do you Integrate the Arts and the Church? (Tony Kim)

tony kim pictureHow do you integrate the arts (creativity) and the church?

Tony Kim, Communications director at Mariners Church, helps to understand how creativity and the arts can be embraced in the church. He shares 15 years of how he got to explore the role of arts in the church to create a meaningful worship experience. Tony also gives his leadership thoughts on how to lead a team and how to create fun meetings. Hear Tony’s experience with working at Comic-Con International as well as his journey of adoption.





3 Take Aways

  1. Be authentic to who you are and step out in faith. Just because you go to seminary doesn’t mean that your life trajectory is set to be a pastor forever. I think most of us have a narrow and limited view on the roles and jobs in the church world. I know I did, but once I got to explore and see different things, I have realized that there is more out there. There are a variety of jobs and opportunities for people going into ministry. And if there isn’t something that fits, we can create something new that fits our passions and skills. In order to do this, people need to know their strengths, weaknesses and passions. When we know who we are and what we have called us to be, we can serve in such a unique way for the kingdom of God. So step out in faith and get ready for this beautiful journey.

  2. Get your voice out there. All pastors have a voice as leaders. It’s vital for pastors and leaders to know their unique leadership voice and style because they are leading their families, churches and people. We need to hone in on our own leadership voice and philosophy. The best way to do that is by writing, blogging, and sharing those ideas with people. The more leaders share their thoughts and insights, the better we can hone in on our beliefs and methodology on leadership. And the best part is, it’ll bless so many people.

  3. Get help.  Leaders typically don’t like other people helping them. We don’t like to appear weak. What’s worse is that when we are weak, we think we can fix it ourselves. That’s probably the worst thing a leader can do. What a leader needs to do is admit they need help and get help. Great leaders know when they need to get help before things turn for the worse. I highly recommend leaders to see a counselor and get a coach or mentor. Seeing a counselor doesn’t make a leader less. It makes them stronger. When more leaders do this, they’ll see that they can lead more effectively and wisely.

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