Episode 07: How Do You Find Your Calling in Your Twenties? (Paul Sohn)

paul sohnHow do you find your calling in your twenties?

Paul Sohn, leadership consultant and author, shares his personal journey of quitting his high profile job to find his calling. He wrote a book called, “Quarter Life Calling: How To Find Your Sweet Spot in your Twenties” to help other millennials find their purpose. Paul gives his wisdom and strategies on how to find your sweet spot in life.









3 Take Aways

  1. Family is important to help you in your sweet spot. We all have family in one shape or another. Our families play a huge role in helping us find our sweet spot. Some of us are more fortunate than others to have supportive parents that can guide us through the process. Most of us don’t have this luxury. Regardless, we need our family to guide us in the process of finding our sweet spot. For some, it may mean understanding our family history and story so that we can move forward. For others, it may mean appreciating family for their financial support or encouragement. We need to include our family in helping us find our calling.

  2. Your calling is given, not created. Calling isn’t something that we create. It is something that is given by our Creator. God has a universal call on our lives but he has a specific call on each of our lives depending on our personality, life story, gifts and passions. It’s important for us to live out this calling when we understand that it’s God who gives us our calling. There is a sense of freedom and peace knowing that we don’t need to create it but stay connected to the one who gives us our calling.

  3. Find your board of directors. If you want to grow, then you need a team of people in your life to speak into your life. Find four to five people who are friends, mentors, family and leaders that you trust. You are giving permission for these people to give you their honest feedback and brutal truths. This isn’t to hurt you but to reflects a mirror of truth for you. We can live in a bubble and think we are doing well when in fact, it’s not reality. The board of directors will give us a reality check so that we can lead with truth and not with lies.


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