4 Reasons to NOT Join a Small Group

small-groupMost churches preach on the importance of joining a small group. But have you ever heard why you should not join a small group? Here are four reasons why small group isn’t a good idea for you.

1) You have life all figured out 

You have figured out the mystery of life. You also have an answer to Forest Gump’s statement about life, “Life is like a box of chocolate, you don’t know what you’re gonna get.” You know what you will get. You have discovered the secrets to life. Small group is for people who don’t have it all figured out. It’s a group of broken people who make mistakes… a lot. Small group is a safe place to be loved and talk about our mistakes without judgment or fear. It’s a place to forgive and show compassion too even when we don’t feel like we deserve it or want it sometimes.

2) You know your purpose and reason for life always

Every person is trying to figure out their purpose and reason for life. We think we find our purpose in a job or position. While we may find fulfillment in a job for a season of our lives, our true purpose is found in one person, Jesus Christ. We learn that our identity comes from our relationship with Jesus Christ. The best place to discover this truth and reality is through a small group. Pastor Andy Stanley said, “Life change happens in circles, not rows.” A church service helps you learn about God through your mind. A small group allows you to discover Jesus together. When you do that, you start to find your purpose and how God has created you for this stage of your life.

3) You don’t want to have life long friends

Small group is for people who want to create life long friendships and relationships. God created us for community. We can’t follow Christ if we aren’t in fellowship with our friends. We all crave for friendships and relationships where we can be known and know others. Small group is the best time and place to be loved.

4) Your prayer life is perfect 

Small groups are for people who want to deepen their prayer life as well as all parts of their faith. Small groups are a time and place to learn to listen to God and obey God. Our faith grows and matures as we practice our faith together in a small group setting. We encourage and support each other as well as keep each other accountable. It’s a spiritual journey that requires a prayer and support for each other in a small group.

Are you ready to join a small group?  


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