4 Quick Ways to Get Powerful Feedback on Your Weekend Experience

4 weekend experienceWhat grade would you give your weekend experience? What grade would a first time visitor give you? Would those grades match? Most likely, you gave yourself a higher grade than what others may give you. But how many of us actually know the grade we would receive? That information is priceless and could change your whole church. More information gives you more opportunities to change it. When you change it, more visitors will come and stay. Here are some tips on how to know what kind of experience guests are having.

1) Visit other local Churches

What are 3-4 churches in your area that have a great reputation for being friendly and welcoming? Visit those churches and write down everything that you see and feel. Have some other leaders with you so that you can debrief and share what you are learning. This will help you compare and contrast with your own weekend experience.

2) Have a Secret Shopper

Most of us act our best when we know someone is coming to visit us. It’s important to get a pulse of an average Sunday. Ask a friend or church leader of yours who doesn’t attend your church to come and visit one Sunday. Have them write down later what they felt and what they saw. Ask them to be brutally honest. You’ll get more information out of it if you share with them things that you want them to grade you in. For instance, the list can include the the parking experience, volunteer interaction, worship service, connections, and much more. This feedback will give you invaluable and accurate information.

3) Survey New Guests

Ask your current visitors to give you feedback on their experience. You can either ask them after the service or have them write it down in a comment card. You could also follow up with them during the week too. It’s important to listen to what they say and what they don’t say.

4) Get a Coach/ Consultant 

There are churches and coaches out there that can provide you with feedback on how you are doing. Ask a pastor or a consulting agency to give you feedback about your church experience. You may have to pay a fee but the information will outweigh the costs.


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