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5-engaging-studies-for-2017“What study should we do next?”


That’s probably one of the most often asked questions in your small group. A good small group study can really create a good experience and take your small group deeper. Here are some suggestions to create life changing conversations for your small group.


1) Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Series: 8 week series with DVD 

Pastor Pete Scazzero argues that you can’t be spiritually healthy without also being emotionally healthy. The two go hand in hand. Most Christians haven’t really explored their emotions and feelings. This study goes explores your past so that you can move forward in Christ. I highly recommend this study for your group. There is a DVD study that is 8 weeks or you can go through the book together.


2) Purpose Driven Life: 6 week course with DVD

Pastor Rick Warren wrote this best seller book. If you never read it or haven’t read it in a long time, it may be good for your group to go through again. It’ll help center you and your group on God’s purpose in this upcoming year. The DVD study comes in a 6 week course. You can also have the group buy the book and go through it together week by week also.

3) Daniel Plan: 4 Weeks

The number one new year resolution is to lose weight. Why not do it through the Daniel Plan small group study. Pastor Rick Warren wrote a book the book called Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life along with Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman. This small group study is a four session study on how to get your small group team to be healthy.

4) Experiencing God: 13 Weeks

Pastor Henry Blackaby wrote this book and study guide to help individuals understand how to hear the voice of God. There is a book format and also a study guide.I recommend the 13 week study guide to really go deep. It’s very practical and interactive.

5) Living Crazy Love: 10 Weeks

Pastor Francis Chan wrote Living Crazy Love as a 10 week in-depth study of God’s love for you. He unpacks God’s relentless love and pursuit of you and allows you to dive deeper for yourself. This is a great study that can be done as a group.

 Which study will your group choose for 2017?