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5-christmas-studiesLooking for some small group material for this Christmas season? Want to celebrate Christmas a little bit differently this season? Here are five different small group studies that your group can do during the holiday season. These will prepare you for this holiday season more intentionally and purposefully. This will also help your group celebrate Christmas more meaningfully.


1) Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren (3 weeks)

Pastor Rick Warren shares the purpose of Christmas in this 3 week small group study. He helps us to understand why we celebrate Christmas and how He changes everything. This set includes a DVD and a study guide.

2) Advent Conspiracy pack (4 week)

This four week study looks at how we have missed Christmas by making it about ourselves and gifts. This study takes you on the journey of what Christmas is really about. It also gives practical tips on how to celebrate Christmas differently. This set includes a DVD and book.


3) Because of Bethlehem: Max Lucado (4 Weeks)

In this four video session study, Max Lucado, pastor and author, shares the story of Jesus’ birth. He shares the importance of this event. This set also includes a five week study on the death and resurrection of Jesus. You get a two for one deal and get to examine both the beginning of Jesus’ life as well as the climax of his life.

4) Free Christmas study from Lifeway

Lifeway is a one of the largest Christian publishers in America. They are offering a free Bible study curriculum on Christmas through their website. They are also offering age appropriate Bible study. The study is a one session on Christmas and goes deeper into the Word of God.

5) Advent (4 Week Videos)

Paul Tripp, author and pastor, offers a free four week video series on Advent. He helps to unpack the story and the significance that it has for us. He also offers a free devotional that you can download and use as a small group together throughout the week. You can access these all through his website.

Which one will you try this season?