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DJ ChuangWhat are two pressing issues for the Asian American community? Church and Mental Health.

DJ Chuang is a consultant, social media giant and faith entrepreneur. He has observed the Asian American church for the past 20 years and he shares his insights on where the Asian American church has been and where it’s going. He shares his hopes and needs for the church as well as the needs for Asian Americans to embrace mental health. Mental health is perhaps one of the biggest issues not discussed enough in the Asian American community.




3 Take Aways

  1. Be authentic to who you are and step out in faith. Just because you go to seminary doesn’t mean that your life trajectory is set to be a pastor forever. I think most of us have a narrow and limited view on the roles and jobs in the church world. I know I did, but once I got to explore and see different things, I have realized that there is more out there. There are a variety of jobs and opportunities for people going into ministry. And if there isn’t something that fits, we can create something new that fits our passions and skills. In order to do this, people need to know their strengths, weaknesses and passions. When we know who we are and what we have called us to be, we can serve in such a unique way for the kingdom of God. So step out in faith and get ready for this beautiful journey.
  2. Get your voice out there. All pastors have a voice as leaders. It’s vital for pastors and leaders to know their unique leadership voice and style because they are leading their families, churches and people. We need to hone in on our own leadership voice and philosophy. The best way to do that is by writing, blogging, and sharing those ideas with people. The more leaders share their thoughts and insights, the better we can hone in on our beliefs and methodology on leadership. And the best part is, it’ll bless so many people.
  3. Get help.  Leaders typically don’t like other people helping them. We don’t like to appear weak. What’s worse is that when we are weak, we think we can fix it ourselves. That’s probably the worst thing a leader can do. What a leader needs to do is admit they need help and get help. Great leaders know when they need to get help before things turn for the worse. I highly recommend leaders to see a counselor and get a coach or mentor. Seeing a counselor doesn’t make a leader less. It makes them stronger. When more leaders do this, they’ll see that they can lead more effectively and wisely.



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leadership unplugged podcastI’m starting a podcast called Leadership Unplugged and I’d love for you to listen. But why should you? There are so many leadership podcasts, blogs, and resources that are readily accessible. So why tune in to this one?

Well, I’m not a salesman, but here goes my best pitch. Here are 3 reasons I’m so stoked about this podcast and why I hope you will listen.

Leadership Unplugged will:

1. Highlight the stories of local leaders that you may have never heard of but are making big impacts.

Before the days of Netflix, DVRs, and iPhones, community storytelling was a deep part of many societies all around the globe. Imagine an ancient tribal community sitting around the fire at the end of the day, telling folklore of their ancestors as well as their own adventures, struggles and victories. Sharing their stories not only provided education about their history but also helped make sense of their lives and create a shared sense of purpose as a community.

Stories have power. They have the power to touch us profoundly, give us a more intimate understanding of each other and world, and inspire a compelling vision for the future.

And stories are critical to leadership development. Leadership is not just about mission statements, strategies, programs, budgets and processes. It is about people who think, feel, dream, doubt, agonize, complain, fear, laugh, and long to influence those around them in a way that matters.

Leadership unplugged will be about creating the space to hear these personal stories, and to learn from these leaders who doing big things in their spheres of influence.

2. Give voice to a different and broad leadership perspective 

Most of the nationwide, well-known faces of church leadership are white. There is so much we can learn from them as they are amazing leaders making powerful and positive impacts. But as the demographics of America continue to shift, it is important to bring visibility to leaders who look like and share common experiences with the growing minority population demographic.

And this is more than just a “nice to have.” Take the business world. Studies on successful businesses are seeing the value of diversity as a key driver of innovation, ability to adapt in a fast changing environment, problem solving capacity and business growth. And this can be applicable to church leadership and its ability to carry out its vision. But giving representation to diversity does not happen naturally. As one business leader quoted, “If you do not intentionally include, you unintentionally exclude.”

Leadership unplugged will be about intentionally including the stories and perspectives of leaders with diverse backgrounds who may or may not look like you but can broaden your perspective on the leadership experience.

3. Give you an inside look at the Asian American Church

Asian Americans are the fastest growing demographics in America. God is doing some amazing things in the Asian American community. At the same time, there are many ways in which the Asian American Christian community can grow. Listening to and sharing the unique struggles, challenges, and successes of the Asian American church can help foster the discussion of how the Asian American Christian community can develop healthy leaders who make a positive impact in all their communities.

Leadership Unplugged will be about taking an inside look at Asian American leaders and churches to uncover their stories, see what they are doing, and where they are going. 

The bottom line is that I want to help inspire and encourage pastors and leaders live out their calling passionately and fearlessly to make a difference in their communities. Are you ready to learn and be challenged? Subscribe and lets take this journey together.

kevin nguyen picHow to transition into a new church as the leader and pastor and grow it? 

Kevin Nguyen came to Saddleback Irvine three years ago as the Campus Pastor and took the campus to the next level. Listen to his journey and how he made the transition. Also, he’ll share how to find talented people and the cultural differences between Asian American and Anglo American.




3 Take Aways

  1. Listen your first year. As leaders coming into a ministry, we want to make big changes and let people know why you hired us. But that can be the worst mistake. The first and best thing to do is to listen. Listen to the members. Listen to the leaders and staff. During this time, you can also affirm and thank key volunteers and leaders. This establishes trust and credibility as a leader so that people will listen and follow your leadership when you do make changes.

  2. Find key influencers. A great question to find who are key influencers and leaders is, “Who’s your top five people that you trust and depend on?” Write a list and find the common names. Those names that get repeated are your leaders and influencers. Get to know them and build a relationship with them.

  3. Open handed leadership. A leader who holds onto his staff tightly and does not allow their staff to develop into their next calling will ultimately lose their best leaders. Great bosses care about developing their staff and supporting their next steps. This open handed leadership actually attracts great leaders to work for that organization.



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I hope that this podcast and episode inspired you to grow as a leader! If you’ve been inspired and encouraged then please share that review and rate us on itunes as well as on Stitcher Radio or Tunein.

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